Amazing Benefits Of Okra For Hair – Scientifically Proven

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Amazing Benefits Of Okra For Hair - Scientifically Proven

Okra is a vegetable with lots of healthy nutrients, which is beneficial for healthy hair. Lots of source pointing that there are some benefits of okra for hair.

In this content, we will discuss it very briefly how can okra help to get good hair. But remember there are lots of factor and facts about getting good hair okra is one of them. We have to maintain a proper diet and routine to stop hair loss and have healthy hair.

Benefits Of Okra For Hair

Okra can help us to get healthy hair in many ways. On the internet, you will find lots of things, but here we will discuss which is proven by modern science.

Okra for hair loss

There are lots of contexts that can prove that this vegetable does some fantastic work to stop hair loss.

We all know that we need some essential nutrients that help to stop hair loss and increase hair growth. Okra contains most of them.

Folic acid deficiency can cause hair loss and anemia. Okra contains lots of Folic acid or Folate. It helps to control hormonal balance to stop hair loss. Same time-consuming okra means consuming folic acid(folate) Which help to prevent hair loss. It contains 46 mcg Folic acids (Folate)

Okra contains Vitamin c.100 grams Okra include 16.5 mg Vitamin C. Which is 27% RDA(Recommended Daily Allowance). Vitamin C helps to stop the free radical damage. Free radical damage stops hair growth. (1)

Okra is an excellent source of Antioxidant. Its antioxidants properties help to stop hair loss.

Same time Okra contains lots of Vitamin B6. 0.2 Mg in 100 grams. Which is 9% RDA. It is also known as pyridoxine. It helps in protein metabolism. We need lots of protein because hair made out of protein.

Okra also contains little amount of Zinc(0.4mg) and Iron(0.3g). Both zinc and Iron is useful for preventing hair loss.
Iron helps to carry oxygen and other nutrients to other cells. And those minerals and nutrient are good for the scalp. Zinc also helps to repair cell and boost cell growth.

And those nutrients can help to build good and healthy cell. Which mean good scalp and strong scalp can boost hair growth. And good scalp is a must for stimulating follicle regrowth.

 Most of our follicle die for the temporary time. For skin tram and nutritional deficiency. Curing them in time is the best. Okra can give some boost on this fact.

Okra is well known all over the world. And there are lots of benefits of okra for hair. In here we talked about how can okra can stop hair loss and increase hair growth.

Well in some blogs we can see okra used as hair gel. And traditionally lots of people used it, but still, there is not any scientific data which can prove this. But its nutritional ingredient is good food for hair growth. Okra contains essential nutrients and vitamin for hair growth


Consuming okra is good for health. And the hair is the reflection of the overall health of a person. Good hair reflects good personality and health.


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