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How Long does Hair Grow In A Month

Hair is an important part Of Our Body. We all know some people have a problem with hair growth. In here we will tell you how long does hair grow in a month.

Growth Of Hair depends on many things including diet and care. To boost up your hair growth you need to be serious.

How Long does Hair Grow In A Month

According to different scientific research and studies, In a month our hair grows 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches.

Hair Growth Rate

Here is a study of hair growth rate. This measurement is an average based on a woman of 5 Feet and 7 inches.

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  • Ear to chin = 6 months
  • Chin to neck = 3 – 4 months
  • Neck to shoulder = 3 – 4 months
  • Shoulder to collarbone = 4 months
  • Collarbone to bra straps = 12 months
  • Bra straps to mid-back = 6 months
  • Mid back to waist = 8 months
  • Waist to Hip = 9 months
  • Hip to Tailbone = 5 months
  • Tailbone to classic = 6 months
  • Classic to mid-thigh = 6 months
  • Mid-thigh to knee = 10 months
  • Knee to calf = 12 months
  • Calf to ankle = 15 months


This may not be the same for everyone. Because some peoples hair growth can be faster or slower. But this data is based on average Hair growth speed or 0.5 inches per month.

There are three stages of hair growth.

The first phase is also named the Anagen phase. In this phase, hair physically grows 1cm per month. The span of this phase is 2-6 years.
So longer your hair stays in this phase, the longer your hair will grow.

The second Phase is or stage is named the Catagen phase. This phase allows the follicle to renew itself. This phase lasts for two weeks.

Third one named Telogen phase. Also known as the shedding phase. The duration of this phase is one to four months.

Speed of our hair growth mainly depends on many things. That includes genetics and shape of your follicles. According to multiple studies, it is proven that Asian people hair is on average the thickest and most coarse hair compared to Caucasian and African people hair.

Why not everyone has a good hair growth rate?

Few bad habits and a poor choice can reduce your hair growth rate.

Poor Diet

Even if you have good hair growth in your genetics, you cannot have it if you don’t consume what your hair needs. There is some food for hair growth which can help to grow your hair faster. Without those essential nutrients and vitamins hair cannot repair and regrow.

Wrong Product

Most of the time people choose the wrong hair product. Not every product suit everyone hair. Often using wrong product effect hair growth for a long time. Some chemical also hurt hair health.

Hormone Imbalance

Hair growth and hormone are connected. Most of the time hormonal imbalance can reduce hair growth. If you see any symptom of hormone imbalance you should contact the doctor as soon as possible. Cause most of the time, it can lead to something worse besides reducing hair growth.

If you are still searching for How Long does Hair Grow In A Month then you have the answer, but besides too keep this hair growth speed you have to maintain a few things. Hair reflects our personality and health. We should take care of them.

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